Part 2 – In the beginning there were hips and they were good

Picking up where I left off…new orthopedic clinic. The doctor was HOT.  I mean just ridiculously good-looking.  He sent me a set of x-rays and I insisted he have my back, hips AND knees x-rayed since I was going there anyway. By the way, MOST PAINFUL X-RAYS EVER.  I had no idea x-rays could be painful.  It took 2 hours to get through them and by the time I left, I had to take pain medicine…uhm…really?

At my followup appointment, it was so dizzying. More of the same about my back and he mentioned arthritis in my hips and said a bunch of scary things.  He said he couldn’t do any of his specific treatment on me because they were really only used in people who were smaller.  Uhm. Huh?  And then he spent 10 minutes telling me that I should lose weight for my hips, even though it wouldn’t make much of a difference to my back.  THEN continued by saying there were many men who were very attracted to women with my shape and my body and I was pretty and I shouldn’t lose weight for vanity.


He gave me a consult to see one of the other doctors in his clinic who could do epidurals, or other types of shots and could also manage pain medication for me.

Incidentally, this doctor was hot too.  lol.  I was like ‘bingo!’  Anyway thank God no more diagnostic tests.  If I’m not mistaken at one of my first appointments he gave me an injection, even though I’d had limited results with them.

I saw him for several months. He wanted to limit the number of injections I had to 4 times a year because according to him they weren’t good for me.  I’d heard that before so I wasn’t surprised.  With that injection I had about 2 weeks or so of relief from that but then more of the same.

My pain continued to escalate, it has never gotten any better.  Sigh

By the way, I have to pee and want a drink but I really don’t want to get up from the couch.  So horrible.

He was a compassionate doctor and he was very nice and he introduced me to a miracle drug, Nucynta. The first month I used it…omg.  Actually the first 2 or 3 months…wonderful. It wasn’t perfect but it was the best pain management drug I’ve taken.  It had a high co-pay (50$) but I was willing to pay it or pain relief.

For some reason my doctor left the practice and I was assigned another doctor who, I still see and do like.  He’s been very willing to shove needles in my ass and spine and to try different things with them.  Sometimes the shots are extremely painful…the last one for instance, was done in my right buttock because I’d had SO MUCH pain in my right hip (haha) so he was trying to give me some relief there.  It burned down my leg, I cried (which  never do) and I couldn’t really walk. I laid on the table for a good 10 minutes because I couldn’t move  it was bad.

Oh and I should add, that at some point, Nucynta quit working.  After maybe 6 months.  We even went up a dose but no dice. In December of this past year I stopped taking  my narcotics.  They weren’t really working anyway so why bother?  Besides, my liver certainly needed a break.

In February my spine doctor, Dr G recommended that just for the hell of it, I get a surgical consult on my spine.  He recommended 3 doctors, 2 were orthos and 1 was a neuro.  After online research I selected the highest rated one (who it turns out is about the best in the Northern VA/DC area).  He examined my (now NEW mri…I’ve had more mri’s than I can shake a stick at) MRI and then validated my pain.  He pointed out the issues I have but then said surgery wasn’t necessary right now.  He said people could jog with my back (ha! not me!).

After that he asked me to walk across the room for him.  I was halfway across when he said ‘I’m not convinced this is your back. Have you had a hip MRI?’

So….he suggested I see a Hip surgeon in their clinic and wrote a prescription for a double hip MRI, even though I complained about hip pain on my right, he suggested we do them both.  He also wanted to consult on my appointment. (Shame though…when I DO have to have spine surgery, he will be doing it…he was AMAZING. His bedside manner, was just…wonderful!)

Once my MRI was done, I made the followup with the new doctor.

I met with Dr V last Friday.  The overall appointment sucked.  He didn’t bother really introducing himself, just came in, sat down and looked at my MRI on-screen.  Complained about the quality, looked at the size of my hips, tried to not-so-tactfully tell me that I have big hips.  Uhm. Duh.

He sent me down the hall for an X-ray, asked me where my pain was as  left the room.  I hate having to say where my pain is.  IT’S EVERYWHERE!!!! The pain is dynamic.  I have a lot of back pain but its my groin, my hips, my thighs, my knees.  And according to my previous x-rays (which the doctor did NOT want to do) my knees are fine (he said the pain was coming from my back).  Anyway so…pain…lots of it.  I did one basic xray of my hips and then waited for him.  He came in, looked and as soon as the screen lit up, I mean, I’m no doctor but even I could see that my hips don’t look normal.

He threw out a lot of words I didn’t understand ‘displastic hips’ ‘aplastic necrosis’ and then the ‘cysts’ which I do understand.  He shook his head in disbelief and told me I had not been given a good set of hips to begin with, but rather this was something I was born with.


How does one go 38 years without knowing?

Anyway he looked over my body again and said he couldn’t do anything with me. Apparently he likes to cut from the back or side.  I actually had no idea until that appointment that there are different ways to go in.

He recommended another clinic, said his assistant would give me the recommendation information and then as he walked out the door told me ‘it’s not a matter of IF you get them replaced, it’s a matter of WHEN’

And that was that.

So. I limped out, I had no co-pay so while I waited for his assistant, I decided to leave.  I was upset, had to cry and had to pee and know how to use the internet so I could look up clinic info myself.

Made it to the car, got to the beltway and called my mom, then a torrent of blubbering began, with me crying hysterically and trying to explain the appointment. Spent the rest of the day teleworking because I could not fathom going in in the state I was in.

I’d been in SO MUCH INCREDIBLY BAD PAIN lately and this felt like…a huge let down and not just that, but it was everything all at once.  It was surgery, time out of work, not having a spouse of even significant romantic partner who could help out.  I felt let down, disgusted, overwhelmed with everything.  Timing is an issue, finding a doctor who will operate on me, big hips and all…everything.  Man, I’m about to cry right now. Now I’m rambling so it’s time to stop.

Pick back up tomorrow


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Quasi geek, social butterfly, information sponge, lover of spas and I spend my days dealing with major chronic back and hip pain. Recently diagnosed with dysplastic hips as a grown woman and I need a place to talk about it as I try to move forward.
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