“Have you…always been shaped THIS way?’

Yesterday was my monthly appointment with my spine doctor. Of course the clinic isn’t just spines, it’s all pain stuff.  Spine, knees, hips, neck, whatever bones can be injured they treat.  For me over the last 3 years or so it’s been pain management and treatment with non-surgical options.

As you’ve already read I’ve had every manner of epidural, cortisone, steroid etc possible.  I’ve had them injected in all sorts of places to try new stuff to possibly provide relief.

One of the things I’ve had issue with is that my pain is dynamic…that my hips are really the issue and not my spine, it makes total sense.

Last week I got a call from the doctor’s office telling me my appointment had to change.  Originally it was scheduled for today (Wednesday).

Like many larger clinics of any sort, this clinic has several offices, like 8, sprinkled all over Northern VA/DC/MD. I may have covered this already, but quickly…the first doctor I saw just really did some evaluation and told me he couldn’t really do anything on me, but that there was hope for me.  So he referred me to another doctor within the clinic.  I liked him. He was hot.  Also, he made me feel comfortable, like he was listening to me.  He did assorted shots for me, then suddenly last summer he was no longer working there. Not transferred, just gone. Like into thin air.  Still have no idea what happened to him.

The clinic transferred me to the doctor that took his place.  He and I have experimented with assorted shots and I’ve had new MRI’s with him and he’s tried different medications out on me to keep my pain at a tolerable level. Sometimes I’ve questioned him because on at least one occasion he put me on medication that conflicted with some other medicine he had also prescribed.  Overall I think he finally got me on the right path so that my day-to-day pain wasn’t as high as usual.  Instead of a constant 9-9.5 its dropped to about a 7.5-8 as my daily pain level. I still have lulls and spikes but this is a good thing to have it drop down. Today I’ve had a spike to a 9 but I’m sure it will die down, maybe later today.

Anyway so a phone call from the office last week.  My doctor has moved to spend his time at 2 other offices. I really had planned everything to telework today and not change things around.  After much whining and complaining I finally agreed to see the other doctor who works at that clinic on Tuesday.  I was hesitant because he looks so young.

When I got there and he, Dr T came in the office, introduced himself and offered me his hand.  We landed the handshake wrong and I nearly crushed his fingers.  He joked about it and we got to talking.  He read through my Hip MRI report (which I never saw).  He said ‘Wow your hips are really messed up, aren’t they?’


So we discussed the X-ray findings and the hip surgeons recommendations. Dr T concurred I need to at least meet with the new hip surgeon so I can find out what my options are.  He also suggested a different kind of shot into my hips (which, I think I had once before and it was akin to torture).  He felt confident looking at my body that he could do the shots but warned they wouldn’t provide long lasting relief, and that none would because ‘they just don’t’


Love that he was upfront about that. Anyway he asked me to get on the exam table and when I was getting on there he asked very earnestly ‘have you always been shaped THIS way?’

I don’t think he was trying to insult me but he was extremely interested in the lay of the land so to speak.  We discussed my body shape and more specifically my hip:waist ratio and the weight I’ve lost over the years.

Anyway He was very eager and enthusiastic and was positive replacing my hips will make me feel 100% better. 

Then he asked about some other things I may or may not have been tested for.

What’s really funny is talking to one of my guys, I was complaining about having to see not just a new doctor but a YOUNG doctor. He pointed out that a new doctor may have a new spin on things and a young doctor is fresher and might be more apt to look at things differently, less set in specific ways.

In the end he sent me off with 4 pages of labwork to be done, the big one is for Rheumatoid arthritis.  I finally got around to looking at the rest of the tests (googling assorted test terms) and he’s also testing me for Lyme disease (wtf?) and several other things that are used to diagnose tumors and things.  I don’t know I guess we’ll find out.  He was concerned that the extent of damage to my hips looked like I was a candidate for having rheumatoid arthritis.  Guess we’ll find out.  I’ll go next week and get the lab tests done.  And I need to re-schedule with the new hip surgeon. 

I don’t even have ample time to take off of work, there’s no way I could do it before the winter. But I guess if I got the details straightened out, then at least that’s done.  Just right now…I’m in this weird place. I’m a mess. Emotionally I hurt because of so much and I have so much on my plate, it’s difficult for me to get everything in my head where I need things to be so I can move forward.

Guess I’ll work all that out eventually.

Wow this was a special kind of rambling and boring. I should throw in some interesting sounding phrases throughout my blogs to keep people awake!

OK I need to get some work done.  All this once again makes me sad.  I felt better after I wrote that blog last week but I get a few good days then a few bad days.  Today is a bad day and I’m hoping writing this will help.  Hope you are all feeling good and happy wherever you are.


About limpalongwithme

Quasi geek, social butterfly, information sponge, lover of spas and I spend my days dealing with major chronic back and hip pain. Recently diagnosed with dysplastic hips as a grown woman and I need a place to talk about it as I try to move forward.
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  1. davecautela says:

    I hope today gets better. -D

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