On the 3rd day, there was a pain patch, and it was good

We last left off I’d had my monthly visit with my pain doctor. I still haven’t gotten my bloodwork done. Suppose I should get that done this week so it’s back to him before my next appointment. Don’t want him to think I’m a complete slacker. In fact as soon as I’m done here, I’ll find a lab near my office (if I can find one…fingers crossed).

Last week was a HORRIBLE pain week.  I kept my pain patch on 1 or 2 extra days…despite being over the 7 days. The box the patches come in is very detailed. There is a special thing for disposal and also a chart on the box encouraging you to write down when you put on and remove a patch and any issues with the patch. I need to do that.

Anyway I kept the patch on a little extra because I was out.  The one before I’d had to remove after 3 days.  The corner became totally unstuck and water got underneath it while I was in the shower.  My mom suggested I try taping it to my arm but like I explained to her if water has gotten under there, it most certainly had washed or compromised the medication off the base of the patch.

Not sure if it’s related but the location I had the patch got ‘burned’ by the patch…I suspect because I did keep it on extra days.  Lesson learned. Will not do it again.

Anyway since it’s a controlled thing, I couldn’t get it refilled early, which I understand but by the middle of last week I was in agony. Also I was very stressed last week and I know the more stressed I am, the worse my pain is.  It’s very difficult to remember to keep calm and relax and try to be easygoing so at least that part isn’t exacerbating my pain.

Friday was the magic day I could get them filled and the pharmacy got them in. Decided to try a new location. My back…not so great. Upper arm…came off too soon…upper side…seems to do ok but I was still recovering from one side and in following the rules of it, can’t repeat a site for 3 weeks. So, my chest it is.  The upside: I’m not dating anyone and therefore no one can see this thing on me. Right now it’s partly peeking out from under my shirt’s neckline.  This could mean I just need more modest shirts in the summer (strayed from a button down shirt today…bad girl).

With the patch off for almost a week then it takes about 3 days to kick back in, my weekend sucked pain wise.  Actually, Saturday wasn’t too bad but after spending Saturday night sleeping in a twin bed with a squirrely 7 year old, I was practically paralyzed Sunday.

Since it was Father’s day I was trying to suck it up knowing I needed to be calm and not let the pain piss me off too much.  For whatever reason it seemed during the day that the pain got worse and so did my mobility (or lack thereof). Not like I had to do much. Finish laundry, do some Father’s day cooking as I should and play with my niece and nephew.  But every time I stood, it felt like I had a 200 pound person standing on my shoulders pressing down on me making every step, every movementfeel like a nightmare.

My actual back pain had been livable but since last Thursday it’s gotten worse.  Today sucks bad.  Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Ended up being pissy and angry during dinner with the family Sunday. Then the Catholic guilt made me feel 10x worse after I left saying I wouldn’t be back for 2 weeks.  I know better than that by now.  Just, sometimes I can’t compartmentalize the pain. I get to a certain point and that’s it. No way around it.  Everyone is at the mercy of my pain.

Anyway Monday I woke up feeling much better.  Ahh, the patch had kicked in.  Yay. One of my friends asked me what it feels like. Best way I can describe it is like having a HORRIBLE headache and then BAM its gone. You’re not dizzy from it, or loopy, its just suddenly gone.  Except where this is concerned it takes the pain from a steadily high number and brings it down.  It’s not gone but I feel better.  Less pain sitting, standing, moving, anything.  The good thing is this patch is formulated to not give you standard side effects, just pain relief (which, again I ask WHY aren’t all pain meds made that way?). Although I will say I’m really tired the last few days.  Hmm, I was really sleepy last week too.  But that could be just pain escalation/stress or whatever.

Today has been a big pain day, which is unfortunate. My actual back pain is really bad right now.  But we’ve got crappy weather so I’m assuming the pain escalation is related to that.

I hate how much of my life is controlled by pain.  Awful.  I have to pee and have for the last 2 hours but really don’t want to walk down the hall.  LOL.  Lazy right?  Suppose I should go, maybe go downstairs and get a drink and have some lunch and take some motrin to help with the excess pain.

Dang I’m rambling a lot…that’s my cue to go to the bathroom, get a diet soda and call the insurance company* for a lab nearby.

*We switched healthy insurance companies in February, this is SO MUCH better. So far they’ve pain for my spine/hip injections 100%. Very thankful. They are expensive but necessary.

Make it a great day everyone


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Quasi geek, social butterfly, information sponge, lover of spas and I spend my days dealing with major chronic back and hip pain. Recently diagnosed with dysplastic hips as a grown woman and I need a place to talk about it as I try to move forward.
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