Handicap Accessible? Probably Not.

Today I learned I hate assistive devices

Once, a while back I tried to walk with a cane but was unsuccessful. I couldn’t even get across the parking lot using it. A friend of mine pointed out canes are for one sided issues. With 2 bad hips it’s hard to know how to position and use effectively. The last few days have been so bad pain wise that I started trying to ‘learn’ inside my apartment.  I find it a little helpful but only as extra support and not so much to actually walk with.

A while back when my mom’s knees went bad, she acquired a rollator or two…these are like walkers but with wheels and handles and a little bench seat.  Saturday dad put one of them in my car.  I planned to commute into work the regular old metro way but that wasn’t going to happen…my body informed me of that the moment I walked out my door. Ended up driving in even though I shouldn’t drive my car until it has a serious checkup and new brakes.  But oh well.
When I got to the garage at the office, I pulled the rollator out of my car – which was a comedy of errors itself.  I put my stuff on the seat part and wheeled inside.  I need to say its amazing when you have a physical issue that you see how inaccessible places are.  The doors leading into the elevator bank…almost impossible to open with that thing.

I didn’t use it inside the office. Was bad enough seeing the pathetic looking glances from random colleagues in the lobby.  One of my co-workers saw it in my office and asked if I’d always had it. Uhm…you’ve worked with me for YEARS.  You’ve come into my office many times…YES…I’ve always had it how did you not notice?  Ugh.

Leaving work, it was a relief to have, although even when I went into the bathroom…the handicap stall was not properly sized for the thing so it was awkward getting it arranged. I felt weird with it leaving the building. Don’t get me wrong – it was enormously helpful but at the same time difficult to maneuver.
Getting home tonight it was wonderful to have because the top of my foot is so stressed from the way I’ve been walking that any help I can give myself…the better. I used it up the ramp into my building. A guy was coming in the building behind me and he very kind grabbed the second door inside the vestibule.
When I got off the elevator, I thought I was in another place. There are contractors doing work…can’t tell on what…seems like everything beginning with the freight elevator. The floors are covered in…DROP CLOTHS…there was a giant plastic curtain out from the freight elevator that blocked off 85%of the access of the space. Uhm.

One of the workers outside their plastic pod saw me and ran over to help. He moved all the buckets and the crap on the floor, straightened out the drop clothes and cleared the way for me to get to my apartment. Fortunately my apartment is close to the elevator bank…but I just saw SO many opportunities for an accident. I’m so gunshy with walking. I’m terrified I’ll fall, trip, hurt something, something – something not my hips and then be in even more trouble.  Sigh.
I learned my apartment is not handicap accessible.  The rollator won’t go through any doorway to include the kitchen.

Oh also I talked to maintenance today (the maintenance coordinator called about my mouse complaint…my 5th or so since August…grrr) and we talked about some other things. My stand up shower in the master bathroom is never used. Because of that the faucet won’t turn on or off easily.  Someone came by and replaced it, so it was nice that my shower will at least work. Yay!

Now I need to buy a bunch of crap. A reacher/grabber, at least one elevator toilet seat (maintenance will only install shower rails), and a few other things on a list that I’m forgetting.  9 days til. Just want it to hurry.

ANNNNDDD last thing. Surgeons office called – as suspected I have a damn UTI!!!!!  They called the physician who gave me my physical last week and had his office call in a prescription for a 7 day antibiotic. Just got the notice from the pharmacy that it was called in and is now filled. I don’t have it in me to leave; I’m so exhausted physically and I have work to get done for tomorrow as soon as I post this. I’ll swing by there on the way into work tomorrow and get it so I can get it started asap. I’ll just die if they don’t do my surgery because of a frickin UTI.


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Quasi geek, social butterfly, information sponge, lover of spas and I spend my days dealing with major chronic back and hip pain. Recently diagnosed with dysplastic hips as a grown woman and I need a place to talk about it as I try to move forward.
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One Response to Handicap Accessible? Probably Not.

  1. Beth Rose says:

    Wow, when it rains it pours. Glad you had the rolly pully seat thingy but wow, I’m shocked at how inaccessible your office building is. I’m guessing you don’t have any coworkers in wheel chairs? Any way you can work some telecommuting into your schedule? You have someone willing to pick up the reacher thingy and other items on your list? Maybe even grocery shop for you! Dern shame I don’t live closer :(. Hang in there girl! This bionic hip is going to be a game changer 😉

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