Wound Care 101

At my Tuesday appointment with my surgeon, he wrote a consult and told me to go directly to the Wound Care center in the hospital and make an appointment. They were able to get me in 2 days later.  I had to register at the lab and then someone from the lab would take us over to the Wound Care center.

As it happened, the cute lab guy who had been flirting with me (Crap, haven’t blogged about him at all…during my 3 week hospital stay he popped up periodically to flirt with me) works at that lab. I emailed him to let him know I would be there at 1 and maybe he should be gone. He replied saying ‘No way, I finally get to see you!’  Awesome.

Got there a few minutes late (my own fault, I was in the bathroom primping and then decided to change handbags. You know, because I wanted my new doctor to think I had fashion sense.  When I was walking into the lab one of the women who works there looked at me and said ‘Well don’t you look beautiful!’  Uhm. Awkward. Mostly awkward because her saying that prompted everyone in the lab to look at me.. One of my oldest, dearest friends has been taking care of me and he was with me. He stood off to the side trying to see if he’d see the lab guy Ive been flirting with but as it turned out, the lab guy was crafty. We did see each other. Ahhh, then I remembered how cute he was and how he hit on me while I looked like shit in the hospital. 

Anyway after registration, off to the clinic. I must say I was about 30 years younger than any other patient there.  Yea. So…something to look forward to people.  Wounds.  Finally was called back and I was in a small area, put in a recliner type chair and my wound was undressed, measured externally, and INTERNALLY. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of vomiting I wanted to do with that last action.  The nurse took pictures of my wound and me. 

She stood at a computer asking a million questions and then she wrote up a synopsis of what I’d been through.  Then she left to consult with the doctor and I was alone. Decided to try to foolishly dig my phone from my handbag. When I was pulling my body back up I glanced over my right hip and saw…that my wound was this big gaping thing. I mean, I already knew what it looked like,…but the picture I took was me lying down, not in a reclining position. WOW. SO MUCH disgusting. The wound was gaped open. I saw it initially, it was a large wound but not gaped open. This one you can shove several matchbox cars in there.

Since I’ve spent most of my time reclining, it makes sense that after sitting up for long periods of time I hurt bad- with that thing open like it is.

Finally the doctor came back with the nurse and examined me. Almost immediately he decided I needed a consult with the surgeon who does wound care. So, I go back on Monday to see him.  What I’ve been told is that MOST LIKELY what they’ll do is remove dead tissue from deep inside the wound, cut a small piece of skin that is between the large hole and a smaller one to make one giant hole. Then remove the outer skin from the wound, tricking my body into thinking this is a new wound, so it will kick off the healing process brand new. Does that sound like fun to anyone? It really doesn’t to me.

I’m finally at a point where merely standing isn’t crazy painful on the wound. And now, this.  Starting over. Trying to be positive. Things are what they are. Just need to eat properly (the friend staying with me makes me eat, even when I don’t want to), rest, take care of my body, and follow doctors directions.

Even now, a day at work and I’m paying for it the next day – pain, exhaustion. Not used to feeling like this, even with all the chronic pain I’ve had over the years I’ve managed to be ok.  But this isn’t ok.  Oh well.

Be back next week when I figure out when surgery will be held. Oh man, not looking forward to Monday. They’ll probably shove giant swabs into the wound like the last time. Even my surgeon did that.  Bleaah.


About limpalongwithme

Quasi geek, social butterfly, information sponge, lover of spas and I spend my days dealing with major chronic back and hip pain. Recently diagnosed with dysplastic hips as a grown woman and I need a place to talk about it as I try to move forward.
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