“So I’d say it’s about the size of a golf ball…”

After the fiasco with my wound vac that started off the week, I managed to keep the damn thing on all week!  They were all very proud of me at the Wound Care clinic.  Can’t say I blame them. If nothing, they’re awesome motivators.

I drove into one of my offices yesterday and Vlad acted up the entire time. The leak alarm wouldn’t shut up and the Seal check stayed on for almost the entire drive in. I learned something important: my seated driving position is not conducive to the wound vac. It’s just a bad position. I have to find a way to drive and still keep the wound vac on. But again, the hip location is just precarious. May be something I just have to deal with. But it explains a lot. I almost always have issues if I’ve been driving a while – not that I’m going anywhere long distance but to and from my parents house for example, about 45 minutes…that’s enough to piss Vlad off.

The skin outside of my wound is so red and itchy. I know that’s a reaction to the draping but OMG the itch. Today when my nurse, Kerianne took the vac out and the draping off I mentioned the itch and when she cleaned the area…it was such sweet relief! It felt good. I had to consciously not moan. Lol.

The wound appears to be healing nicely now…but then I thought that previously until the surgeon killed that thought. Its almost like he scared my body into healing. Have I mentioned he has huge hands? Also have I mentioned I really hate it when they all shove their hands inside me? I mean, they’re not doing it at the same time, but still.

Anyway the wound is measuring smaller – not huge amounts smaller but smaller is smaller.  YAY. I will take whatever I can get.

The cyst was not draining despite the PA, Johanna trying her hardest…and omg try did she ever.  When the doctor came in they consulted over it and did a LOT OF SCRAPING. I was partly numb but not all the way. They really did a number on me today. There were tiny bits of foam that had broken off inside of me and with the cyst not draining…which…I finally saw a picture of. Wow. I still didn’t ‘see’ it in my head as a cyst until they mentioned cutting it open and all I could think was that there are not enough pain meds in the world for them to do that at this moment. Actually I was worried because my last couple appointments haven’t been overly painful so I skipped pain meds today. BIG MISTAKE because today they did a lot more work than normal. Wow, digression there. Back to the cyst. The doctor explained the cyst is the size of a golf ball. HOLY crap.  I tried not to whine much but between the scraping noise (which they suggested I plug my ears…next time I‘m bringing my ipod in there) and the pressure and pain from the areas that were not sufficiently numbed…just got the best of me. I tried to go to a happy place, but I’m short on happy places these days. I’ve used them all up. I need some new ones.

They’re using different foam on the cyst to encourage healing and drainage (eew) and then the regular foam on the rest of me.  Kerianne did a bangup job on me but damn. I hurt so much even now, pain meds haven’t touched anything frankly if I were in the hospital it would be one of those days where they mix meds to get pain relief. I can only take so much a day and can’t mix meds soo….I’m stuck hurting like a beast.

The doctor was surprised my nerve endings were intact as much as they were.  Several times he asked me about them, I told him I was surprised I had any nerve endings left at this point.

He came over to the other side of the bed and asked “Have you lost weight?”

“No. Do I look like I have?  In fact, I’ve gained weight, like 5 pounds in the last week.”

He said that was good and meant my diet was strong.  I claimed the weight gain was hormone related and gave myself another week of blaming it on the hormones.

Foodwise, I could have been better this week. I hate the struggle eating anything has become.  If people are around, I will eat gladly but alone? Nope.  I keep finding myself having to eat late at night because I’m not doing it at meal times.

I need to go get some tests done with my GP, particularly get my thyroid levels tested. My hair is falling out in clumps. Today I began with a cleaned out brush and between what it collected just brushing through and what fell out? Not counting the stuff from the shower and the round brush when I blow dried my hair? I could have made a small dog with all that hair.  Seriously though, it’s scary. I don’t want to be bald.  I am afraid to color my roots and my hair looks like shit. Might get it drastically cut so the hair loss seems less evident.  In my head this is a good idea but I have a feeling maybe not.

Anyway the hair thing, even though the surgeon said it was from the end of the anesthesia, it could be so many other things as well. I want to cover my basis and I know that’s another reason I need to have my protein levels in check…so I am not ‘starving’.

So that’s that. Vlad seems to be acting weird today, I want to say Kerianne put it in too tight as a precaution, the pressure keeps spiking higher than it is supposed to which may also explain some of my pain.   I just want to make it to my Tuesday appointment with everything intact.  Not too much to ask, is it?


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Quasi geek, social butterfly, information sponge, lover of spas and I spend my days dealing with major chronic back and hip pain. Recently diagnosed with dysplastic hips as a grown woman and I need a place to talk about it as I try to move forward.
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