Broken seals and vanity (and a slightly graphic pic)

Managed to keep my wound vac on for the whole weekend, it wasn’t until Tuesday morning that the draping started to loosen and the seal broke.  I kept smelling something weird and gross. I’m still on a metric F-ton of antibiotics so I should not have any infection anywhere. Ended up disconnecting and heading to my appointment.

I whined and complained as soon as I got there and saw the PA Johanna, telling her she did awful things to me causing the incredible amounts of pain I endured over the weekend.  She swore all she did was pick out pieces of foam. So I will blame the scraping and stuff on the doctor.  This time I came prepared with my ipod at the ready in case more scraping was going to take place. Smart cookie, right?  Then at least I won’t hear the sound throughout my body.

Pulling out the foam was incredibly painful but as soon as it was done I felt immensely better.  My wound measured smaller all around, width, length, depth, the tunneling, all that. Not just measure smaller, but significantly smaller. Well, I don’t know if you’d consider it significant but I do and that’s what counts.  I’ve really tried to focus on my protein intake, trying to make sure I’m getting enough food in general. It sucks I hate eating but I’m trying every day to do better than the day before. Some days I succeed, some not. I know that overall that protein and rest contribute overall to my healing.

There was a little bit of work needed but overall everything looked clean and healthy internally. Externally the PA is troubled (as were the nurses…and me too for that matter) by the rash I have going on the outside. It’s a reaction to the draping and fairly normal when wearing this stuff for a while. I already have tape sensitive skin and keeping it in contact all the time is just making my skin angry as hell.

The nurse found a treatment/skin prep for me to help ease some of the rash and burning and I’m not sure it helped as of yet, guess we’ll see in a day or so. As of now it is still rashed up and annoying as shit.

We broke in a new nurse and I was not on my best behavior.  It was clear to me I talk too much during my appointments because we discussed my dating life and potential male patients who might be suitable for me. I was hoping there might be some there but there were not.  They remember more about me than I remember saying to them…guess over 22 appointments there’ve been a lot of discussions amongst us.

It did get me thinking about how I see the same people there all the time. Some I recognize, some I don’t. One guy was getting on the elevator and smiled at me, then did a double take and smiled at me again and I was all taken aback. I think hospitals must be good places to pick up men.  It’s amusing to me that as self-conscious of this wound vac hanging on me as I am that I still think I can get hit on, flirt and all that other stuff. Odd. Sometimes my self-esteem floweth over. And sometimes not so much.

On the way home after my appointment I stopped as a last thought and got my hair cut. I’ve been losing it for weeks, 2 foot long blonde hairs cover everything in my place. Seeing clumps of hair come out in the shower and brushing out so much damn hair…it really was taking a toll on me. I had colored my hair Monday night thinking keeping it lighter would prevent the weird roots from looking like I was balding. Something about my roots being dark had begun really looking like I had thinning hair. Anyway my hair was mid-back and now I cut it up to my chin. It’s drastic but it makes my hair look fuller and I haven’t been losing much hair since.  Of course. But anyway it looks better, healthier. It’s kind of a cute cut but so short, I haven’t grown into it yet. Give me some time and maybe 6 months for it to grow out. Lol. Or not.  So far everyone thinks or says it looks cute and ‘sassy’ but I’ll need to convince myself. Yes, vain vain vain.

Anyway last night I was up late and through some weird thing the seal on my vac popped and some of the foam came out. Fuck. I mean, it was barely 12 hours old. It didn’t hurt but it pissed me off that It was the very same day it was put on. In the end I put 4 more pieces of drape on there and it seemed to hold. Today the vac has been temperamental and I can tell the foam isn’t quite in the right spot perhaps. There’s a high pitched whine coming from my hip. I’m quite entertaining to myself!

The picture below is kiiinda disgusting and graphic. In it Johanna is digging around. As you can see there’s part of my wound there and a very large metal instrument. Go ahead and imagine having to have that on your hip and have people poke around. Now feel queasy. Now feel a tiny bit sorry for me.  Now get on with your day/night. 🙂

The PA inspects my wound with a point metal thingy

The PA inspects my wound with a pointy metal thingy


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Quasi geek, social butterfly, information sponge, lover of spas and I spend my days dealing with major chronic back and hip pain. Recently diagnosed with dysplastic hips as a grown woman and I need a place to talk about it as I try to move forward.
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One Response to Broken seals and vanity (and a slightly graphic pic)

  1. Mel says:

    The picture is not graphic to me as I have seen that wound from many different angles.

    I still don’t understand how the wound can get smaller with all the stuffing and un-stuffing it endures.

    Next visit we will go cruise the hospital cafeteria! Heehee

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