Main dish of hating my new doctor along with a side order of rashed up hip

The last few weeks have been off and on with my wound vac. I’ve been having issues with my skin so now the focus is on trying to get my skin to heal some while wearing the wound vac. The draping combined with any tape I’ve used…that part of my body has been bandaged since February and is over adhesive.

This morning I am wearing a dress and I pulled up the hem because something felt weird…well right at the edge of where the draping stops on my thigh, my skin split open and started bleeding. Bleeding a lot too, not just a little.  WTF? I can’t even imagine what would cause that. After cleaning myself up with loads of alcohol wipes (OUCH, btw) I put on a large gauze pad and taped it up. More adhesives! Glad I keep supplies at the office.

I guess I should backup some. First, there’s a new surgeon working at the clinic and so I’ve seen him the last 2 Fridays. Do.Not.Like. I don’t know why I don’t like him, but I don’t. I’m trying to give him a chance because obviously I don’t have a choice in whether I see him…well, I have some choice. I can move my appointments to the afternoon and see the other doctor but I’d rather not. Just something about him I don’t care for. Maybe I’m just getting pissy and angry in my old age?

Coincidentally the last 2 Fridays they’ve also tormented me something fierce. Oh wow, I’ve been able to keep pain in the wound and wound area relatively low (for me) and then BAM they get done with their digging and metal tools and WOW my pain spikes way up for a few days. This past weekend I had pain all the way down my thigh until Monday and that is messed up.

I ended up taking my wound vac off Sunday because Friday and Saturday I went through twice the number of canisters than usual. Was thinking I could make it stay on until Monday – when my order would be delivered. I had 1 canister in the office and almost drove downtown to get it but decided at the end of the day, just take it off. I was going out Sunday to the movies and dinner and figured I didn’t want to get caught out and have it on then it fills and I’m stuck leaking everywhere. So Sunday I took it off bandaged the hell out of myself and called it a day.

The drainage has gone back to normal since Tuesday which…was yesterday so in a day it’s been normal. Lol.

Johanna the main PA I see is on vacation so her backup is seeing patients. He did not inspire a lot of confidence in me…felt like he was unsure what to say or do. I wanted to say “hey dude you sat in on my surgery…why the questions?”  He ordered bloodwork and I wanted them to do the full screen they did last time but he was wan to do it…just wanted protein.  Uhm. My numbers were all over the board for some of my things including several things out of range…I think since I was baselined with them they should keep ordering them. After some arguing he expanded but still didn’t do as much. I’ll make an appointment with my GP for the rest. My thought is…even if it isn’t directly related to my hips healing, shouldn’t you be even idly curious as a care provider? Or recommend I see someone about them? I’ve learned far too well how stuff you don’t think is related could very well be directly related to something else.  Urgh

I see my hip surgeon next week for my 6 month follow-up. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since I got this new hip! I also can’t believe I still have a gaping wound. My left hip keeps threatening to pop out so I’ve been pretty unhappy but I’m trying to maintain because I really don’t have a choice. But between my hip threatening to pop out and my Hip Flexor so out of it that it snaps constantly, I’m in So.Much.Pain. I’ve been doing a pretty good job of not complaining to everyone who will sit still long enough but that’s probably because my brain is focused on other things…like my anxiety and stress are through the roof so I guess there’s that. Anyway I see him for my checkup, he will be displeased I am still using a cane but without it I can barely walk. My left hip and knee for that matter are THAT.BAD.  Yea, so.  Between that and the weak muscles on the right still, blah.

On the plus side the wound – as they said it would has begun healing quicker. I mean, yea it’s still a gross huge thing BUT…I was told things would be slow for a while and then would suddenly really begin the process. They were right (they are the experts, after all). I’m glad because I can see some of the improvements and I could feel them when bandaging myself. Still trying to get as much protein in as I possibly can – and that won’t change anytime soon. I’ve had 30 grams today so I need to go eat some lunch and have another 30 or so. Or make it all up with a protein drink shot tonight. Ick.

Guess I can end this.

TL;DR: I’m healing faster and hate my new doctor and expect to get yelled at by my hip surgeon next week


The 'periwound' is covered in rashes and developing sores from the drape :(

The ‘periwound’ is covered in rashes and developing sores from the drape 😦


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Quasi geek, social butterfly, information sponge, lover of spas and I spend my days dealing with major chronic back and hip pain. Recently diagnosed with dysplastic hips as a grown woman and I need a place to talk about it as I try to move forward.
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