Long time, no see – my 6 month hip checkup

Man, I haven’t written anything all year. Guess I got tired of my own whining for a bit. Anyhooo dad my 6 month hip checkup today. Sort of. I was over the 6 months by a couple. oops. My last visit was in April but it was time for a check to see how my spacer is doing in that hip o’mine:

1) Surgeon ecstatic I have lost as much weight as I have! After my last surgery to put the spacer, he told me I needed to lose a considerable amount of weight “Like one hundred pounds”. Haven’t lost that since his mandate, but he was able to see how much I’ve lost just by looking at me and complimented me several times and said how proud of me he was. ❤

2) Xrays show my right hip with the spacer is coming along nicely. there’s no damage and it is technically perfect right now. Major concern is muscle strength in that hip. Although I do feel stronger on that hip, I was unable to do some basic exercises, not even a bit which proves my muscles haven’t improved enough. I have exercises to do to work on that muscle group. He was immensely pleased when I told him about the exercises I do already.

3) Due to unexpected unforeseen circumstances, I will not be able to have surgery to replace it (or any other surgery for that matter) for a while. Probably a year or more. I told him how anxious and panic stricken I was feeling like my spacer would wear out. He assured me that it would not. He said its functional and 30-40 years ago they used the spacer as an actual hip replacement, except it was secured permanently to the bone. Mine is not drilled in place and therefore is subject to heightened precautions to keep it in place and looking good. No breakage, no splintering, nothing!  Major sigh of relief, had no idea that was the case.

4) Watching me walk and discussing my hips, he suggested that replacing my left hip which is so incredibly degraded BEFORE replacing my spacer is a course of action to think about. Since my right hip is mostly functional, the huge amount of pain and limiting mobility could be fixed by replacing the left so at least I’d be able to exercise, walk freely. The left is so weak and so very compromised that its frightening. Its like I can feel it getting worse each day. BUT I am glad he thinks that the left can be replaced…it would be like…freedom. Freedom from the specific pain that hips bring.

5) He wanted to look at my scar, pants down (was tempted to wear my princess panties with a crown on the butt but resisted and wore something less overtly attention seeking. Go me!). Surgeon manhandled my hips (not complaining) and looked at my scar and was very pleased by how it healed up and how my body looks and adapted. But seriously, all the squeezing and such…was everything I could do not to suggest he now take me out to dinner after all that groping. BUT since I didn’t want to be asked to leave…lol

6) Wants me to get a plastic surgery consult for my hips. As he was manhandling me he explained that I have lost so much weight and my hips, while considerably smaller would never shrink down significantly. My hips are just fat and skin and there is not a way to ‘spot reduce’ with exercise for that area. I asked if I could just lost another 40 pounds and it would be fine; he said it undoubtedly will help but my shape being shaped as it is would never allow me to naturally lose my hips. He said it wasn’t mandatory but it is something I should at least consider . We talked about other options as I move forward and he reiterated he was extremely pleased with the things i’m doing and to keep it up. The stronger both hips get, the easier it will be for me to recover from my future replacements.

Holy moly that was long. I’m just pleased it was a good appointment and all the worrying I’d been doing about losing weight had paid off, I’ve lost more than anticipated, so I’m clearly doing something right. I didn’t figure he needed to know most of my weight loss was from being overwhelmingly depressed but hey, whatever works right?

About limpalongwithme

Quasi geek, social butterfly, information sponge, lover of spas and I spend my days dealing with major chronic back and hip pain. Recently diagnosed with dysplastic hips as a grown woman and I need a place to talk about it as I try to move forward.
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